Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Favorites from California

Thought I'd share a few of my favorite pictures from our trip to California. Another weekend gone. They go way too fast I tell you. We had a pretty decent one. We had the chance to catch up with our friends on Saturday for dinner. Sunday Beau sent me off to a church fireside where I could relax and get some spiritual nourishment while he put the kids to bed. It was great. I learned some amazing stuff.

Monday... well maybe we should just ignore this day. We survived. I was an emotional basket case, and my poor husband got the brunt of it. He never deserves it, and he is always doing an amazing job that is somehow clouded in my high run of emotions. Like both he and I knew, after some sleep, the next day was so much better and the world was definitely not coming to an end from my point of view. I've been exhausted though. Our kids are NOT sleeping well, which means I DON'T sleep well! They each take a turn every couple of hours coming in or hollering at us. All I want is some sleep. Real sleep so I can actually be productive rather than shuffling around half out of it.

So that's our reality lately. No sleep, lots of things going on, and trying to balance our time so we at least have some time with each other and our family. One good thing though. Beau and I actually had a date night! Yeah! We went and enjoyed a movie together. With popcorn and the works, and dinner later that evening. You never realize how hectic life is and how busy you are until you have some time together. Then you realize how much you've missed each other. Thank goodness for good friends who are willing to swap babysitting every other week for dates!

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Cher said...

I here ya! Aren't you so glad spurts don't last forever, the little ones will give you a couple weeks/days before they start something new! Gotta love them. Hey, my brother Kevin and his wife Natalie may have moved into your ward. I will give them your name and see if they see you on Sunday. They live right by the Jr. High and the church right next to it in your neighborhood.

Take care.