Monday, January 14, 2008

A Happy Mom Moment

We were rushing around this afternoon getting the kids ready to go play next door for a couple of hours and I was in the other room finishing something up. I told to girls to go grab their mac and cheese hurry and eat it so we could go. They ran off to do what I said.

A few minutes later they came in to inform me that "they had the prayer without me." They were so proud of themselves. Savannah proudly informed me that she helped Mirian say it. One of those happy moments where all the battles of being reverent for a blessing on the food has payed off. All those times when the fact that they were starving was so much more important than folding their arms so we could bless the food. I was pretty proud of them myself. That they even remembered to do it and then did it on their own. My proud mommy moment for the day. We are slowly getting there.

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