Friday, December 09, 2005


Last night at 11:00 waiting for Beau I had a breakthrough... It had been a long week with Beau gone from 6am - 12:30 every night. The girls had hardly seen him. I've been worried about him burning himself out, taking on too much and missing him. While waiting I decided I needed to just scrapbook, and I've been wanting to do these pictures that Spencer took of him. They are definately my favorite.... but lately I've been so intimidated by scraping because I see such incredibly good layouts out there that I feel so inadequate. Finally I just decided to do it, go with how I felt, try and put down the emotions I've felt all week towards Beau... and boy was it worth it. This is definately one of my favorite layouts. I really tried to express what I felt and I think it turned out great. I have never had so much fun scrapping a page... I felt that creative spirit in me wanting to tell my story. It's given me a whole new look at scrapbooking. I don't think I've every really tried to put myself, emotions and stories in their. Things that are really important. I've always tried to just do more events and happenings and although they are good... they have not had the impact on me that this one did. I'm wanting more than anything to scrap those othertimes that were hard... my successes, dreams, desires etc. I want to create a whole book for Beau a book of his roles in my life. Who he is and what he means to me. It's a breakthrough that I've needed.

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