Thursday, January 24, 2008


Lately I've really fallen in love with photos that have been, doctored, enhanced, however you choose to word it. I am of lover of saturated colors and anything that is bold and bright pulls me in. Last night I ran across this amazing photographer on Flickr - Ulrich Mueller. Love his stuff. You've have to check him out here. I've been wanting photo's like this to hang on my walls, and so I decided to play around with an image I pulled off of Stock.xchng by Andres Ojeda to see if I could do anything fun with it. This is not the most incredible finished product as I have absolutely NO idea what I'm doing. But it was fun and got me pumped for the Artistic Edge Photo Class that I'll be taking online the first of March. I was really excited to see she was going to be offering it again soon, as it filled up super fast this first go around and I missed it. Now I just need to get my camera and go at it!

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