Monday, January 28, 2008

A Reminder

Lately there are a lot of people talking about their word for the year. A word that they've picked to be their 'motto' or their 'goal'... something for them to work at consistently or be aware of. Part of me liked the idea, and part of me didn't want to do it just because everyone else was doing it as well. I guess I'm just one that goes against the crowd. Then the more that I've been making goals, I coming back to this statement by Spencer W. Kimball.

Do it.
Do it right.
Do it right now.

I haven't been able to get it out of my head. So finally yesterday I broke down and decided to have a word as well, but still break from the crowd a bit and have it be two words. :) Do it. To remind me of this whole saying. It's something I really need to work on, and want to me more aware of. Too often I put things off. Or when I do them I'll do only the mediocre job, or only part of the job resulting in wasting time having to come back and do it again. I need to just do it right the first time. Then I need to get rid of procrastination and do it right now. I so need to get better at all of this. When I do I'm much more happier, less stressed, and have more time on my hands. Isn't it weird that sometimes we procrastinate thinking it will give us more time to do other things now if we put it off till later. But I find that most of the time, it eats at the the back of my mind, so I don't fully feel like I can dedicate time to other things, until this one thing is done first. Hence I waste time.

So I've had fun seeing some fun ideas to do with the word at Ali's blog as well as her latest Ezine newsletter. Plus I'm also loving her weekend creative that she's starting.

So that's my goal for the new year.

Do it.

Think of all I could get accomplish if I do.

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