Thursday, January 08, 2009


Obviously we have a new background going on here! One of the things I have really wanted to do is simplify our lives more, especially mine. Simplify things on my plate. Bring things back to the basics. This blog being one of them. I want to post more, and so I'm trying to be more planned about it. But I also realized I need to simplify how much time was being spent on it. So I decided I'm best off having simple blog header, not worrying and trying to figure out how to get a great "layered, scrapbook" background, and spend all the time creating it, trying to fix it just right, etc. Nope. I get bored too quickly with things and this way if I need to change it I can change the color and swap out the header... much simpler. Phew I feel better already! :)

Supplies used on header: Naturescape Collection Biggie, ScrapSimple Tools - Shapes: Birds 5701. More of Thao's gorgeous work.


Caroline said...

This made me smile ... this is exactly the reason why I never did that on my blog LOL it stressed me so much that I even did not get started and never had a decent header too. Then I decided to just start with the header LOL and there it is. Sometimes simple is more LOL Looks great, not that I didn't love it before, but I love that you will customize the header to your mood :-)

Amy Lemaniak said...

GORGEOUS new header Shalae, I just love it! It's totally YOU!

Launa said...

I think it's beautiful shalae! Very peaceful actually. I love blue, this is almost the color of my bedroom and it's so calming! Really I love it! :D