Thursday, January 08, 2009

Frozen Goodness

Today was a good day. A really good day. Reading books, playing "Don't Eat Pete", dance class, wrestling, playing and enjoying being together. Our favorite part of the day was our Creative afternoon of "frozen goodness."

I read about a fun idea of painting with ice cubes. You could either freeze liquid tempera paint and put a stick in it and then paint with it, or use the technique we tried out today.

I used some cheap kids watercolor paper and had the kids
color their paper with water solvable markers. We then used ice cubes to paint and turn it into watercolors. The kids just ate it up, they couldn't stop! We tried using watercolor pencils first, but they didn't work as good as the water solvable markers.

Isaac was so in to it. He actually ended up creating some pretty fun pictures too when he was done. He would color, paint his picture and they exclaim loudly pointing to his picture "look!" showing it off so proudly. It was a great time. Lots off fun. A little messy but worth it!

After that we decided to take advantage of the tons of snow we've been getting lately and make some the snow icecream I read about here.

It was our first attempt. I didn't know for sure what kind of consistency it was supposed to have when it was all done, but it turned out pretty good. Yummy and just a fun activity for those snowy days!

I've been trying to slow down more and have more fun with my kids, and although it hasn't been perfect lately... it's been so much better and we've been having such a great time when we relax and hang out together!


Caroline said...

What lovely photos and you seem to have had tons of fun! Creating with the kids that's what I get back to doing again too!

Amy Lemaniak said...

What an awesome idea! We're definitely going to need to try this out soon. Great idea for an activity on those cold winter days.

Launa said...

Ok, I am so doing this with my girls, they are going to love it! I'm trying to take more time with my kids too, I have them at home all day, homeschooled partly because I want to be with them right? So I really need to make better use of our time together! Thanks for the great ideas! :D

courtney said...

snow ice-cream looks so fun! i love your new header and layout and the "sisters." layout to the right.

Christy said...

The ice painting and snow ice cream both look like lots of fun! May have to give those a try!! :)

Mandy said...

Cool! I'm not sure which I am more excited about, the fun art to make with my kids or the pretty green color on your walls. :)