Friday, January 09, 2009

Stitching Time

I have really been enjoying embroidery lately. In the evening I've been making time to sit and relax either enjoying some stitching or reading. It's been relaxing, it's been rewarding and it is oh so fun! 

My girls have been seeing me sewing, so of course they want to join me as well. Savannah actually doesn't do too bad for being only 5 as you can tell from her piece above. She was all proud of herself when she finished and I have to admit I was proud of her too.

This one makes me smile. Mirian wanted to sew too so I helped her get started. At one point Savannah worked on hers until Mirian found out and got upset because it was "hers." She did pretty good when I helped her and showed her where to go next. Once I left the room and she was left to her own you can tell where her stitches went. It just makes me smile. She was so proud too and I think she did a great job.

Because of this new love I have ran across some great sites out there, incredibly talented people, some fun patterns and great inspiration. So I thought I'd share the riches for you other stitch lovers.
  • This site has some great vintage transfer designs you can use for free.
  • I found the above tea towel design for the 7 days of the week here at the Needle Crafter. These have more of a vitage look but there are some cute ones.
  • I LOVE the designs at Wee Wonderfuls. The dolls, the embroidery, all of it. Such cute stuff.
  • LOVE this blog, Feeling Stitchy. Great posts and info in the stitching direction.


Launa said...

This is so pretty Shalae! I used to love to cross stitch. I really do need to pick it up again, it's so relaxing! :D

Mandy said...

How are our lives so similar? I mean seriously! My girls got sewing kits for Christmas. And they too have been stitching in embroidery hoops. It's SO cool to see you have been doing this with your girls too! Awesome! I love to read your posts. Glad you're at it again.