Monday, January 12, 2009


I always have good intentions for the holidays. I have ideas of gifts I want to make... the only problem is I always get them the week before Christmas. Never earlier! So this year instead of trying to accomplish all of them, I decided to make a list in my notebook, with the ideas. I'll start on them now for next year and then hopefully I'll be done with some homemade Christmas presents early. Despite all the ideas I had... I did manage to get a few handmade things done for Christmas for my kids which was so much fun.

For their love of princesses and dressing up I decided to attempt sewing my first dress. I had plans for getting two done for each girl... but didn't start early enough. But I was so happy with my result! Not bad for my first attempt! They are also constantly building their own houses with blankets and chairs all over my front room. Then they get upset when they have to take it down for dinner and Savannah declared "I just need my own house!"

Well I ran across an idea in an old sewing book of making a portable play house by sewing a house that slipped over a card table. I got some old sheets that were in perfect condition at a 2nd hand store, cut them up, make windows, a door, and decorated it with a mail box and flowers. I ended up making two. One for our kitchen table and one for a card table we had. They don't take up much space when they are up and they easily pull off, fold up and can be stored under the kid's bed without being bulky. In the summer they can be taken outside and set up in the back yard. They had a great time with them! Beau was a great help in throwing them together too. We always seem to have a last minute Christmas project being finished at the wee early hours of Christmas day. Some of those great flower creations are all his!

(I just love this picture of my little "super handyman" from Christmas morning.) There is something just rewarding about sewing lately. Creating something for my family to enjoy. Whether it was for Christmas, or new curtains for my kitchen, I've enjoyed learning how to sew again, and although I've got plenty of room for improvement, I've enjoyed seeing the fruits of my labors.


Launa said...

This is just the most fabulous idea I have seen in a long time! I also have tent building princesses! I love to sew too, and I have been wanting to try my hand at some of those adorable, but out of my price range boutique clothes! I really do need to get my machine out again! Thanks for the awesome idea! :D

courtney said...

INcredible! how cool that you can pull them off of the table so easily. great idea.

Mandy said...

Wow. This is all amazing stuff. You win the mother of the year award for 2008!

Laurel said...

Seriously, what a cool idea! I love how easy it would be to just take these off the tables when you want to clean up! What a cool idea, Shalae, you are so awesome! :)

Caroline said...

Awesome! Thank you for this wonderful idea ... now where is my sewing machine! The boys keep begging me to have a little house here, now this will be doable :) You are soo creative!