Friday, September 28, 2007

A Daily Something

Yesterday I got Ali's Ezine newsletter, and it was a good one. It talked about creative sharing, and how when we give more we get more. She challenged everyone to pick something that they are good at, take time to write it down and share it with others, teach someone else about how you do it. Check it out here.

So I wanted to take her up on it. Teach you something that I'm good at, but then I started thinking about something specific that I feel I excel at or something that you would want to learn, and I came up unsure of what to do. So I'm going to ask you. If I could teach you anything, what one thing do you want me to teach you that you feel I'm good at. This even makes it so you have to reply in a post. Ha Ha! I know I asked via the poll, but right now I'm looking for something very specific. So speak up.

I also ran across some of Tonya's Daily Somethings on flickr. These are just too awesome Tonya. I then ran across Ali's ezine where she started this whole idea and decided I wanted to do it for myself. Give myself 15 minutes at the end of the day when my kids go to bed, to think about a story for the day, be grateful for the day and record it, before I jump on my to do list. So yesterday was my first. Something pretty simple, but rewarding. I can't wait to do today's it's a good one. So if you want to join in - here's her instructions and the brush for "daily something" can be found here. (It's found in the very last blog entry on this page.)

Yesterday I was also able to sit down for a while outside while the kids played and sketched my little garden before it starts to die. I sure have enjoyed it while I can. Well enjoy your day. I'm going to.

Here's the supplies for my daily something: Susie Collection, Tangerine Dream Collection, ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Stamped - Reds, ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Stitches

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Syndee said...

I want to start doing the 'Daily Something' even downloaded the brush a couple weeks ago, just haven't got to it yet! lol! Well, you KNOW what I think you excel at - your photos are amazing and I am jealous! lol! Of course your layouts are rockin' too! What 'aren't' you amazing at girl???!