Friday, October 28, 2011

Graphing Exercises

Mirian had a science lesson on how scientists sort their data, as part of the scientific method. The lesson taught various methods, one being making graphs and charts to compare the results.  So we did some exercises in graphing. This is also a great math activity too. We first sorted stuffed animals by types and graphed it. We then had Mirian go outside and tally how many trucks, vans or cars drove in front of our house over a period of time. We then did the exercise the kids enjoyed the most because it allowed for a snack afterwards - sorting Fruit Loops by color. 

Isaac loved this activity and joined in the fun as well. In fact Isaac spends most of the time doing lessons right along with Mirian as well as Caitlyn.

They both graphed their numbers and looked at the results.  Orange was the main color for both of them. So  there's a good chance that your Malt O Meal bag of Fruit Loops is mostly orange.

Another graphing exercise Isaac really enjoys comes from these preschool packs. There is a dice that has a different picture on each side that he roles, and then a graphing chart to color in. To him it feels like a game, and yet he's learning graphing skills and how to record results in an organized manner.

Another things I've made is these learning to write books that I found here.  You can find all of them under the printables section.  She has a category of them called sticky learnings.  They are cute!  I printed out the number book and the letters upper and lower case. I then laminated them and created little books with rings. Now when Mirian is doing Phonics and Issac wants to join her, I can pull out one of these books and have him practice writing with a dry erase marker. She also has another cool book called, "About Me" that I created for him too.  It has things like my home, phone number, address, birthday and pages of "my favorite...."  I then used the Dashed font to write his answers he gave me. He can then copy over them to practice writing and learning important info like his phone number and address.  

This homeschooling hasn't just been for Savannah and Mirian, it truly is a family affair with everyone involved. Isaac gets excited about what they do too. By the time he is in Kindergarten next year, he'll be flying through it.

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Tiff said...

I love to see what you are doing Shalae. It looks so fun & your kids always look so happy. Keep it up, because you are an amazing mother. Thanks for the other links too!! For Porter who is barely in Kindergarten, these would work well too. He can tell me all the letters & they sound they make, but still needs help writing them out. I just have to remind myself he is only in Kindergarten & that is all they do anyways. So thanks for all the help & keep it up & the post coming too when you can! Love ya