Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Our Little Home

I read this blog post today.  What a great post. I can relate in so many ways. We have a tiny little home. Just a little over 900 square feet. Luckily we do have a small garage with storage and a room attached that has become our office.  That helps it not feel as cramped as the apartment we were in before.  It is small.  We often get comments on how small it really is and that we need a bigger one, with more cupboards, and yet we are perfectly content and happy here.

Yes having only one bathroom for 7 can get pretty rough sometimes. But I like it. I like the fact that having a small place makes me dejunk and get rid of things on a regular basis. It makes me evaluate if we really need "this" item or thing. It makes me wonder how many extra dishes do we really need, if a few will do just fine.  It feels cozy, and it's home.  It's where we've laugh,  played, cried, and just enjoyed being a family, and right now I'm completely content with it.

Sometimes I do dream about a big large home, with more land, more animals and places for my kids to wander, and then sometimes I think... you know, having more just creates more work. I also look out my window and see our white picket fence my husband built. I see the new cedar fence he just finished in the back yard, with a secret hidden swinging door for the neighbor kids. I watch my kids holler from the top of their tree house, and see how my small little garden is over running the whole yard.  I'm blessed.  I'm truly blessed to have a place we can call our own. That we can work on and fix up slowly, and that settles in our hearts a bit more.

I think when we first got married we planned on being here for 4 years till the Bachelor was finished. Then... we decided to stay and continue on with grad school.  10 years later when he graduates (next April), we will still be here.  In a tiny little home with 5 kids, and life is good. Really good.  We always thought we would then move on, get a great job somewhere and move on with our life.  Now we are planning on staying a few more years for Beau to start up his own company with a couple other guys.  What will happen after that?  I can't say. I've given up trying to guess.

Last summer I did not want to stay here. I wanted to move on with our lives. It was then that I went to girls camp.  I left after that week knowing the Lord needed us here and I wanted to stay.  I have come to love the people that we've served with. I have loved seeing the growth happening in our ward and stake. I think of picking up and moving.... and honestly I don't know if I want to.   Only the Lord really knows where he wants us, and if it's still in this little green house, then I'm perfectly content with that.  Because right now that little green house truly is home.


Rebekah said...

There's a song by Doug Stone (Yes, it is OLD) that says: Love grows best in little houses. There's fewer walls to seperate. We eat and sleep so close together, we can't help but communicate. Oh, and if we had more room between us think of all we'd miss. Love grows best in houses just like this.

Spencer and Kimberly said...

I enjoyed your thoughts and I think your house is really cute! It's nice that you've been able to stay in one place!

Austin and Amy Smith said...

Glad you're staying :) It's a good example to me, when sometimes I feel "stuck". I think we're still on the edge of both, but it's looking more and more like we'll end up settling. Glad to know others stay too.