Monday, July 13, 2009

This Little Girl Turned One!

Happy Birthday Caitlyn. She actually turned one on our way to Philmont at the end of June. Her birthday was spent in the car, but when we actually were unloaded and set up at camp we pulled out the cupcakes and let her dig in.

This year has gone by sooo fast. They grow so much, develop so much and before you know it they are little people walking around with a personality. She has become tough from her older siblings and can bounce back after being roughed up by them. She has figured out walking before she turned one and is a professional now, getting faster and faster... oh the things I have to look forward to.
She's a serious one and an observer of everything. Smart and understand so much more than we give her credit for I'm sure. She loves to have fun and will laugh and have the time of her life playing and chasing Isaac.
She has her siblings killer blue eyes that will melt you every time.

Happy Birthday cutie! Our family wouldn't be complete without you!


Laurel said...

Oh, how sweet. Happy Birthday Caitlyn! :) Love the photos. Good luck chasing her down! :)

Tippetts Family said...

Shalae, you and Beau have beautiful, knock out kids. JELOUS:D Give the kids a hug and a kiss!

Kellie DeMille said...

She is such a cutie! Our girl will be one tomorrow and I can't believe it! Happy Birthday Caitlyn!

Marci said...

HOpe you all had a great time! Happy b day Caitlyn