Friday, July 31, 2009

Loving These

These are a few things I’m loving lately.

loving1 Carina’s work – especially her little paintings and embroidery. Her random as well as symmetrical embroidery patterns are amazing. Gorgeous stuff.


Mimilove’s artwork. What can I say but WOW! I love the combination of her paintings on canvas and the embroidery on top of it. How she even comes up with these is beyond me! You have to check out her others that have sold. If had extra money burning in my pockets, I would love an original. loving3 Just finished this book. What an inspiring family. It was a fun quick read, gave me hope that I can handle my kids and what other future ones join our home. Learned a few good tips, had some thoughts to mull over and was just inspired by these guys.

loving4 I am counting down the days till this book is released. I loved her Creative Family and can’t wait to check this one out.

loving5 I’m now in the middle of this one. Really good so far, thought provoking and so true. It makes me wonder where my PH.D husband will be happier in a year once his degree is earned…. loving6 I love this layout by Christy. This girl is a talented Layout Artist. I had to copy this one for inspiration and to keep admiring. I love the way she’s composed the three photos together and yet focusing on the one. Her hanging embellishments. Everything… I love this! Check out her other stuff. She always amazes me.

Blueberry season

These have been on sale lately and man they taste so good. Especially with vanilla yogurt mixed with cottage cheese. Yummy! Blueberry pancakes. In Milk. Coated in chocolate…. really yummy!


Launa said...

Oh you always inspire me! I LOVE the rooster paining! That is so awesome! And the Duggar book is one of my favorites too...I love how they took the revelation that the Lord gave them and ran with it....He has really blessed them. I'm also loving their laundry soap recipe! And Christy's layout is beautiful! You know I haven't done one since I left SG's. I really need to let myself be creative again.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Christy said...

Aw shucks! what a sweet surprise to see that layout on here!! :) Thanks for the sweet words!! The inspiration is totally mutual! ;)

Laurel said...

I have to agree with everything! :) Great post, very inspiring. Thanks Shalae!