Monday, December 08, 2008

Small promptings

A few weeks ago I was doing homework with Savannah. The assignment was to get a variety of colored beans and create a pattern with them. Of course once Isaac saw the beans he immediately grabbed the bag to dump them all over the floor and begin playing in them. At one point Mirian joined in and also came up later to ask for help in getting the bean she had stuck up her nose out. What?! Why do kids do this? I thought it was a little far fetched when the little boy on "One Fine Day" kept sticking things up his nose until I had children.

We finished up, cleaned up the bean mess and later went to bed. Isaac had one rough night. He woke up a couple of times saying "
Owie, Owie and crying." We thought maybe he had a sore throat since we've all had colds. Beau tried to help him wipe his nose and he wouldn't even let dad touch it, saying "Owie!"

As Beau was putting him down for the second time, and after he mentioned that his nose must be raw, somewhere between drifting back to sleep and being awake I had the thought. "Maybe he stuck a bean up his nose as well like
Mirian." I had no idea why I even thought of that. It had no relation to what I had been thinking, or dreaming about before I had awoken, it was just a thought that had come into my head. Maybe we should check his nose. But by then he had once again fallen asleep and we didn't want to wake him, so I ignored it and fell back asleep.

The next morning he woke up and came and sat down on dad's lap and had a big sneeze, only to force a bean almost out of his nose. He did have one in there! It hadn't come out all the way so Beau had to push it out by running his finger along the outside of his nose, but he did have a bean. All night it had been in there hurting, and we had no idea, except for that small prompting that I honestly believe was from the Lord.

Why is it so hard to follow those small promptings of the spirit sometimes. Especially when they are nothing big, nothing life changing,
nothing obvious. Just enlightenment to our minds, small thoughts to help our life go smoother. This was nothing major wrong, Isaac wasn't in a life or death situation. But the Lord knew that we had no clue why he was waking up. We would have never known there was a bean in his nose. But if I had acted on that small simple prompting he could have been relieved of the pain and had a good night sleep. I know God is aware of even the little tiny aspects of our lives and is there to help if we just let him. We just have be sure to listen, but not only hear that small prompting but to act on it as well. I never does any good unless we act.
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Launa said...

I was just talking to a friend of mine last night about this very thing! Not the bean in the nose...LOL...although we did have an issue with a raisin in the nose that we couldn't remove and cost us $250.00 to have it taken care of! Talk about OUCH! ......But listening to the still small voice, and how easy it is to look back and say...that was the Lord telling me such and such, why didn't I listen. I am learning though as time goes on to listen and act. Just be assured.....your not the only one! ;)

Christy said...

I can relate to both of these sentiments! The bean and the promptings! Our 'bean' experience was the monday before convention, 2 hours at the ER, only for Sage to sneeze it out as the doctor walks in the door. About a $300 'visit'. :)

The message I heard recently at called the promptings 'Whispers' of God. Love that expression. I am still learning to listen to the whispers, but often God ends up having to scream at me! LOL!