Saturday, December 13, 2008

Free MP3 Christmas Music for the 25 days till Christmas

Simplemom just wrote about Amazon's daily mp3 Christmas music you can dowload for free until Christmas. Who doesn't need some new christmas music to listen to! Go here


Tippetts Family said...

You are a wonder woman! Up at the crack of dawn! Tell me how you do it...please! I struggle big time with anything before 7am. Thanks for the Christmas music as well...we needed it!

Cherisse said...

So we are a little slow on everything during the holidays. I have some pictures of the kids ready for Christmas cards, I don't have a lot of time to design a Christmas card and I haven't seen any that I like on shutterfly or the other photo stores on-line. Does scrapgirls have some card formats ready that I can just pop the pictures in and print? I know you are super busy so if you don't get back to me, I'll figure something out, but thanks in advance if you do! I hope you guys are doing well, I love checking up on you guys through your blogs. Take care!!!