Monday, September 24, 2007

Slowly getting there!

We are slowly getting there. I was finally able to change the number on my side bar for the number of lbs. gone tonight. Not a huge number, but at least it's slowly getting bigger. Tonight she mentioned that Slow is OK. Sometimes we want to drop all that weight instantly, do it quickly and be the skinner self. This time it has taken a lot longer and been harder to do than the first time. One being that I still haven't been able to get in a steady exercise routine with these kids. I have to keep telling myself that slow is good. I'll hopefully be able to keep it off easier because I've taken longer to develop the better habits. Plus I could have that number say 0. So at least I am 13.6 lbs lighter than I was before.


Lunt Family Blog said...

You are so awesome! I am amazed at everything that you do! You get so much done. Good job losing weight! That's great!

Laurel said...

Weigh to go! :) Cheesy, I know it. I know how you feel! I've lost about 25 lbs. since March, but the last few weeks I've been hovering in the same 3 lb. range. Gotta kick up the exercise I suppose. And quick eating Kit Kats. That's my weakness - chocolate! Keep me motivated, Shalae! :) I like hearing that other people are out there doing it, too, slowly. Makes me feel a little more connected. Thanks for sharing!

Syndee said...

Congrats girl!