Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What Kids Say

Today was one of those days where Mirian was fighting the school work. Some days she does great, and some days she stamps her foot down and refuses to move.  Today I wanted her practice some writing.  I asked her to think of the scariest thing that's ever happened to her and write about it. I told her I'd be willing to help.  She glared at me, thought, and then asked me how to spell the word 'making' while she hid her paper.  A few seconds later she handed it to me and proclaimed, "There. I'm done." 

I smiled.  Oh Mirian, Mirian.... what will I do with you.  I get the point.  We'll move onto a different lesson right now.  That little angry face with arrow says it all.  I'm thinking she's confusing the emotions of being scared over being angry though.  That's alright... I get the hint. Let's go read a book together.

After running around for a while this evening chasing each other, Caitlyn came up to me all out of breath.  She put her hand on her chest and declared with amazement, "Mom!  I can feel my heart beeping." 

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