Monday, September 05, 2011

Magnifiers and Money

The other day I ran across this infographic from dailyinfographic that I thought was fun. So I printed it out and for an afternoon activity pulled out the magnifying glasses, some dollar bills and had the kids see what they could find hidden on the US dollar.

I was wanting to create a learning station for money, since it's something both Savannah and Mirian will be learning about in their curriculum.  It would have our fake coins and bills for them to practice counting. To create their own stores and practice buying and selling, I'll have receipt books, price stickers and calculators.  There will also be money flash cards and games, a coin collecting book or sleeve, and I thought this activity could go in there as well. I'm going to laminate the dollar bill (so that it doesn't keep disappearing into children's pockets), and put in the poster laminated with a magnifying glass. I think it's fun to sit down and find out a bit more about the symbols and items printed on the dollar bill. It would also be fun to include some books about money or how it's printed too.

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