Monday, August 01, 2011

Small Moments

I am not a lover of cold cereal, and rarely buy it. I would rather have a hot, filling breakfast and less sugar. But I admit, the last few weeks of this pregnancy, I have given in. So today on the spur of the moment, we made better use of some of it. :)

Journaling Reads: "The other day I had bought some cold cereal, and today Caitlyn kept wanting to snack on it all day, carrying it around. I told her she had to wait till snack time and then we could eat some. I decided we could even make it fun. So we pulled out the yarn and made our own cereal necklaces. The kids loved it. I encouraged them to create a pattern as I’ve been trying to get into a “every-moment is a school or teaching moment.” Isaac did amazingly well at creating his own patterns even though he isn’t in Kindergarten yet. The only bummer was Caitlyn fell asleep and missed out on the whole thing, so we made her a necklace anyway. It doesn’t take much to have a few minutes of fun. I just need to look for more of these small opportunities to do something with my kids."


Laurel said...

Way too cute! I love how creative you are. :)

Caroline said...

Awesome! Your double page 4x6 is very inspiring. Love how you put it together :) The necklaces are lovely!