Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Life is messy and rewarding

This is one of those moments when you have been rewarded for your time, efforts and creativity... I have been doing my digital designs for scrapgirls, and have been making huge progress since my provider layouts. Ro has encouraged me to really try getting published in magazines. I decided to try and go for my first magazine submission here for Scrapbook Answers. TROUBLE LOVES COMPANY and I thought I had the perfect pictures for it.. So I put this layout together for it of Savannah's creativity... finger paint all overself and her body. She was so proud of herself and having so much fun. Ironic though that 2 days ago she painted herself again only this time not with washable finger paint... it was bright tourqoise blue and it was all over her legs and all over the floor. A disaster..... I thought we would never get it out.. I was probably a lot less patient with this time around. It was so rewarding thought to win the contest.. I get $200.00 worth of scrapbook prizes, and a published layout. My very first one. I can't keep a smile off my face. Beau has been so encouraging and supportive of me and this crazy hobby / job. He has been taking off some evenings to come home and let me work as we see the potential of scrapgirls to help us meet our needs when he goes off to grad school. So life has been good to us, and I just can't contain my excitment over it all... my first published layout!

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