Thursday, February 15, 2007

Don't Worry. I Know Exactly How You Feel.

I ended up creating this last night after a terrible day. One of those really long days as a mom. Beau was so good to come home and help out with things and give me a much needed break from the tantrums, screaming, fighting etc. It was one of those days were you wonder if your a terrible mother and ruining your children... anyway here's the journaling on the layout.

" Don't worry. I know exactly how you feel. In fact today was one of those days. One where I wish I could throw my hands up in the air and throw my own tantrum. Being a mom is wonderful and so fulfilling. But if anyone says that it’s always easy is lying. It can be exhausting. And it’s days like today that I never question whether or not I should have become a mom, but whether or not I am a good mom. When I have completely run out of patience, when nothing is going right, when the house is a disaster and my children are obviously unhappy. I shed a few tears and keep on pushing on, all the while hoping I’m not completely ruining my children. But it’s also times like these when I feel far from being perfect, that I hear quiet whisperings from one who is, that tells me it’s ok, I am doing the best that I possibly can, and some days that is good enough. That he appreciates my time and sacrifice and that along with that hug and kiss from you, makes me feel ok about the job I’m doing of being a mother.."

These are the supplies I used in creating the layout. They are all found at ScrapGirls.
SSTools: Actions - Stitching 4901; Stitching 1 Brush Set; Faithful Collection Biggie; SSTools: Styles - Embedded 1801; Nessa Collection Biggie; Blackberry Brush Set; Live Merry Collection

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