Thursday, February 15, 2007

Father and Son

I love this picture of Beau and Isaac together. I can not wait to see what kind of a relationship they will develop over the years. We took this at the park after a day of relaxing as a family on a walk, talking pictures, eating lunch at the park and getting icecream. The journaling reads: "You finally have him. Your first son. Someone to throw footballs, ride motor bikes and work with you in the shop. He carries your name and eventually will cary the image of you in all that he does. He'll become what you show him... a righteous father."

I created this as a sample for my new stitching action in the store. I'm really excited about this new product as it makes creating stitching so easy and such a breeze. It's so fun to use too!

These are the supplies used for the layout. They are found at ScrapGirls. SS Tools: Actions - Stitching 4901, Mixed Media, Raw Materials, Art Journal, BookWorm, SS Embellishment Templates: Curves, Blackberry Brush Set.

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