Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sacred and Special?

The other night something was brought to Beau and I's attention. It the process of talking about it and discussing it he made the comment. "No one keeps anything sacred and special any more."

It got me thinking and we talked more about it. Our world is so crass, so vulgar, so in your face. Everyone wants "reality tv" in every aspect of their lives. They want to live in the moment, they want personal gratification, they like to "cast pearls before swine" so to say. Why don't people have more deep respect for people, things, relationships and matters of faith. This world has become too casual. Do we approach these things casually with lack of reverance and an attitude of sacred respect?

Virtue - intimacy
Relationships with people
Our Family
Our Homes
Faith and Spirituality
God's name - God himself
Sacred places and buildings
Human Life
Our language and the way we speak

I've been thinking about it the last few days. What do I hold sacred? Do I hold anything special and close to my heart? Why does it hurt so bad when people show lack of respect towards things that I hold special and sacred? What do I need to be holding sacred? Is there a benefit of keeping things sacred and special?

This morning I ran across a few thoughts that were really good which were similar to thoughts and questions I've had.

"Our ability to seek, recognize, and reverence the holy above the profane, and the sacred above the secular, defines our spirituality. Indeed, without the holy and sacred, we are left with only the profane and secular."

"Holy places and sacred space are also distinguished by the sacrifice they require the word sacrifice means literally ‘to make sacred,’ or ‘to render sacred One may not have the sacred without first sacrificing something for it. There can be no sacredness without personal sacrifice. Sacrifice sanctifies the sacred."

"Our homes, likewise, are holy places filled with sacred space. Though not always tranquil, our homes can be filled with the Spirit of the Lord. Each of our families is confronted with a broad menu of activities and entertainment, not all of which is wholesome and good—and much of which is certainly not necessary. Do our families also need to repent and forsake some things to help us maintain the sacred nature of our homes? The establishment of our homes as holy places reflects the depth of sacrifice we are willing to make for them."

"We must be willing and capable of slipping away from the world for just a few moments in order to reflect on holier things. Without this spiritual renewal, our faith is easily overcome by the secular and profane."

"In holy places and in sacred space we find spiritual refuge, renewal, hope, and peace. Are these not worth every necessary personal sacrifice?" - Elder
Dennis B. Neuenschwander

What do you reverance?
What do you hold sacred?
What should we be holding more sacred?
Do our children see us treating things as sacred and special? Do they feel sacred and special because they are.
How much have I let the world and the world's ways sneak into things that should be held sacred and holy.
Have I become too casual?

I know there is something powerful about this simple principle of keeping things sacred. Reverancing things. Showing respect. God is holy. If we are trying to become like him, than we too must become holy. We can't do that if we hold nothing sacred.

Photos by:
Per Ola Wiberg, Pedro Simões


Launa said...

This is awesome Shalae, you are so right....we are in the middle of a study at church about the things that the Lord calls Holy. And the curses and blessings that come along with honoring or dishonoring those things! Awesome! :D

Mandy said...

Very true. I think our hurried spirits don't allow much room for "the sacred." Who can truly enjoy and embrace anything when they're racing by it? I love this post.

Christy said...

Lots of great thoughts here Shalae. Do you think living in the US contributes to our lack of holding things sacred?? While we may live through what we call 'tough' economic times, we really haven't experienced hunger or thirst or depravity the way other less fortunate countries have? I have to wonder if having too much diminishes our ability to hold things sacred.

Shalae said...

I think so Christy. Does this country know how to really sacrifice? I don't think so. Not when we are in the "have to have it" " have to have it right now" attitude getting ourselves into debt and going in over our heads. Having too much you never really appreciate what you really have because you've never sacrificed anything for it. How much more do you cherish something when you have to work for it, sacrifice, and take care of it. I think of marriage this way. When selfishness comes in, your not willing to sacrifice much for the marriage and before you know it your not holding it dear, doing all you can to make it succeed and cherishing it. Then it has no meaning to you and before long you have no need of it any more.

Christy said...

Wonderful thoughts Shalae-and I totally agree. Nothing is sacred anymore. Everything is self-centered and self-serving. What a challenge it is to teach our children respect while the world is constantly slamming us in the face! Thanks for your musings!