Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Relaxing Day

Today was one of those good days. I woke up at 4:00 and hit it hard. Accomplished this:
  • Worked on my design projects
  • Exercised for 30 mintutes
  • Blog posting (twice for one day! wow.)
  • Scripture Study
  • Breakfast - of a new hot cereal recipe. I thought it was pretty good. I still have to convince the other 4 half hearted lovers of it that it wasn't too bad. It takes kids 10 times of trying something new to eat it regularly. So I guess they've only got 9 more times. If they still don't love it by then... well maybe we'll try something else.
  • Ran Savannah to and from school.
  • Read a bunch of books.
  • Taught the kids some hand knitting.
  • Tried my hand at crocheting these cute flowers. (Her tutorial and picture... since I didn't have time to snap pictures of my own flowers. Plus they weren't this colorful.) Awesome blog. I'm a sucker for all those bright bold colors. I grew up crocheting and so it comes a bit more naturally than knitting does at this point. Boy I forgot how relaxing and enjoyable it is.
  • Made pudding for a snack.
  • Made some drawing books for our daily drawing time we're trying to have.
  • Found a free chef pattern at You Can Make This. (This site is way too cool, way too addicting, and I'm so glad we are on a tight budget right now or I would be spending way too much money.) I'm going to take turns having one kid help me make dinner. They get to pick ahead of time what they want to eat (within the list of ideas I already have.) and then help me make it. We're hoping this cures some of these "I don't like this... even though I've eaten it for the last 5 years of my life... issues. So I was going to make a little chef hat for them to wear with their apron they have. They'll each get to have their own special night being chef and helping mom.
  • Cleaned the last room of the house & the worst room of the house. The girls'. I now have all my rooms spotless.. well mostly. Yeah! I've been trying super hard to pick things up right away, put things away when I'm done and it's been staying clean. Man it feels good to have a clean house.
  • Made Fish for dinner, with red potatoes. It was a success. Beau who doesn't love fish to taste like fish told me they were wonderful. Didn't have one bite that tasted fishy. I thought I did pretty darn good, for my 2nd attempt at making fish.
  • Went to an enrichment activity with the woman of my church on family history and how to record and document our lives for our posterity. It was awesome and I have a bunch of ideas that I want to do, that will hopefully be simple, plain and nothing fancy, but will give my kids some history and record of their childhood.
Now don't go comparing your day to this day. Because this is NOT A NORMAL day. Yeah I wish it was like this every day. Yesterday was definitely not like this. I was in an agitated mood all day, grumble, grumble. But it feels good to have days like this occasionally to give you hope on those rough days... so chalk one up for a good day.


Spencer and Kimberly said...

Nice job!

Shari said...

Wow Shalae! I'd love to have a day where I accomplish that much! I did clean my entire house on Monday(except for "the messy office" that hasn't been unpacked after 3 years - but it hides in the back of the house where no one sees it. So it doesn't count, right? LOL!)The hard part is keeping it clean. Maybe you and I should push each other daily. Did you pick up your house today? LOL!

And I LOVE that chef hat! I think I might try and make one too! Kalyssa would love it. We have the same dinner time problem with her so maybe it'll work! Here's hoping! :o)

mandy said...

Yea for a good day! I think it's so cool you grew up crocheting and stuff. I could totally kick myself for not giving a rip about any sort of sewing/crocheting/knitting goodness growing up. My mom could have taught me so much, and now I live clear across the country from her. So now I get to try and learn on my own or from the internet and books and people like you.

Queen Bee said...

WOW! I've been having way too many grumble grouchy days lately, I'm looking forward to a good one soon!