Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Packed Weekend

This last weekend was such a good time. We had part of Beau's family in town and packed our weekend with amazing planned and unexpected stuff. We had planned to go to the draper temple open house. This is when the temple is open to the public - both members and non members of the church to take a tour and view the inside of the temple before it is dedicated.

It's a beautiful temple and it was so fun to be able to take the kids and walk through with them explaining the different areas. They have been so excited as they watch and see mom and dad go to the temple regularly. We talk about the temple, they know we were married in the temple and so for them to actually get to walk inside the temple and look around was a big deal. They've been pumped about it for weeks and were so excited! There are about 18 other temples under construction and will be having an open house sometime in the future. If you live in the area go to one. They are a neat experience. You don't have to be a member of the church to go to one either. Find the ones that will be dedicated here.

In the process of being there we ran into some friends that had moved away that we havn't seen since before Caitlyn was born. I love it when that happens!

We enjoyed an afternoon being inspired by this talented and amazing artist Walter Wick.

If you have kids, you'll know the famous "I Spy" photographer and "Can You See What I See" books (which are my personal favorite). Talented, talented guy. It was fun to see pictures of his works, models they built from scratch for the photography and videos on how he created them. I'm realizing now what we really missed out on was not going to his lecture and being inspired by him, and seeing how he comes up with his ideas and creates his work.

Cailtyn was hanging out in her stroller just chilling. Savannah wanted to push her around so I let her be in charge. Well 15 - 20 minutes later, Dauni my mother in law and I were looking at some pictures and she runs into or notices this stroller with a baby just sitting there next to a group of people. Recognition that it's "our" baby dawns on her and she grabs Caitlyn who had been abandoned by her sister for who knows how long. The people just sort of look at us and I can just tell they've been sort of hanging around her wondering who abandoned their baby. Bad mommy moment. One where you feel so stupid for not even recognizing your own baby as you passed by her and went on to look at the exhibit.

Later we enjoyed some ice cream sundaes and swimming. Packed afternoon. I loves days like this that the girls fall into bed exhausted and there are not bedtime battles.

Sunday we had wonderful and unexpected Sacrament Meeting. We showed up and Dauni asked me if I knew who the speaker was for Sacrament Meeting. I suddenly started panicking wondering if it had my name and I had space something or wasn't informed. But when I looked down I was even more shocked. Elder L. Tom Perry, one of the members of the quorum of the twelve apostles.

For those of you not of our faith you may not understand what a huge deal this is. It is rare if ever that you will actually get to have one of the members of the quorum of the twelve apostles come to a regular Sunday sacrament meeting. Especially in a church with over 12 million members. Most of the time we hear from them at our general conferences twice a year, sometimes stake conferences or regional conferences on a smaller level, special fires sides, trainings or other meetings but not your normal Sunday sacrament meeting. They are usually flying all over the world conducting church business.

It was such a privelege and special opportunity to have him there. Him and Elder Bullock of the seventy spoke to us. What a neat experience. There is something so special, christlike, and wonderful about these men. They are so good, clean, and filled with the spirit. Every time I've had the chance to sit in the same meeting with them I always marvel at how amazing the Lord's work and his church are. What a great way to end an amazing weekend already.


Well it's saint patricks day so we're going to start off with some green orange julius and green pancakes. Hopefully get in some green playdough, painting or rainbow pictures for the day.

Beau's back has been giving him problems for quite a while now. He had a really bad attack a couple of weeks ago, and has slowly been feeling better but has never gotten completely over it. This weekend he had his brother who is a massage therapist work it over and he was feeling so much better. So he decided to play raquetball (against his wife's better council :) ) yesterday morning and hurt it again, only in a different spot and has been in pain ever since. (Needless to say he will NOT be playing raquetball again for a few months.. and that is not just my council that is my mandate.)

So he spent the morning in two different doctors visits, and xrays. It looks like he's got a herniated disk, and is going in for an MRI this morning to see what is going on. Hopefully it's something that can heal itself with some good muscle relaxers, taking it easy, and NO RAQUETBALL, or else it's back surgery. Back surgery would definitely not be either of our choices. But sometimes we don't always have a say.

Wishing you all a happy st. patricks day!

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