Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patricks Day

I hope you all enjoyed your St. Patricks day.
We started our day off with some green pancakes and green orange julius. The girls thought all day we should color all the food we made green. No offense but green food is just not that appetizing unless it's veggies.

A while ago I decided we needed to celebrate a little more often. Just those fun spontaneous occassions, and what better way to spruce up your house than with a banner. I made a paper one for Isaac's birthday but it just didn't last long. I decided that I wanted something that would last longer and that I could just put up for every holiday or random celebration we wanted to have. I had a bunch of felt on hand so I cut out a bunch of triangles and then sewed some tabs on. I made about 4 of every color - I'm thinking now I should have had about 5 to space them closer together.

We can then string up a variety of colors for various holidays. Red's, pinks, and white for valentines day. Here we have a couple variation of greens and gold for St. Patrick's day. Red, Blue & White for the Fourth of July. Birthdays I can hang up the theme color. If you had kids in sports and they won they're game or had a game day you could hang up the school colors. It's fun, and I can quickly hang it up the night before and the kids wake up excited about the day.

Yesterday Savannah had her first night cooking with mom. I mentioned in another post, how we are going to take turns helping mom cook dinner in hopes of it helping them eat dinner better with no complaining. They also get to help choose what to cook, which helps them feel like they got to choose what to eat rather than mom always getting to choose. (We had a big discussion about that one night, when mom once again cooked something they swore they didn't like.)

So we had Hawaiian Haystacks for dinner, which she did a really good job making. I finished one of the chefs hat from this free pattern. It made making dinner that much funner. Now I just need to finish the other two, before it's their night to cook.

Our latest Art show is our snowmen. We were practicing cutting out circles. Basic cutting and pasting. But I love how the same concept and steps lead to three unique snowmen.




Beau got his MRI done. He called back to the doctor's office to find out the results. The nurse opened them up, looked at them and said he looks great and there is no problem! He should be fine. That didn't sound right to Beau since he's in lots of pain, the x-ray showed something, and the Dr. told him he was still going to have him see a back specialist. So he asked if was still possible to make an appointment with the back specialist. "If you really want to" the nurse told him. Which was only 3 weeks away for the earliest appointment. He's not sure he can wait that long. I'm positivie I can't wait that long.

Then later the doctor called back to talk to him and told him a different story. There is something pressing on the spine, he does need to see the back specialist. 3 weeks away is too long, he'd see about getting him up bumped up sooner. So now the plan is to take it as easy as possible, to see if we start getting any improvement and start feeling better. Then when we go in to the back specialist we know if we're going to end up in surgery.

So until then, he's hanging out all day with us laying on the floor with pillows under his leg since that's the only position that feels right. The whole time I'm trying to convince kids that even though dad is on the floor, it does not mean he's down there because he wants to wrestle with you.

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Spencer and Kimberly said...

Oh, I hope he gets in soon and gets feeling better!