Monday, May 10, 2010

Generations of Mothers

I hope you all had a wonderful mother’s day.  I had a wonderful one! I spent time with family viewing homemade cards, eating breakfast and dinner that was made for me, spent some time chatting with family on Skype, hearing wonderful messages at church and just enjoyed the day.Marilyn and Robyn Fielding about 5 months in CaliforniaI am so grateful for my mom (the baby in this picture) and all the mom’s before her like my grandmother.  They have had more impact on me than they think sometimes.  I don’t think you begin to appreciate your mom until you become a mom yourself. I don’t think I’ve appreciated

- all the home cooked meals, bread and treats she made for us all the time. It was always homemade. 
- the many mornings she woke us up early before school to read scriptures as a family and have family prayer.

- all the home-evening lessons she prepared and taught us.

- the hard work she taught us to do through having a garden and canning every year. Sitting and shelling peas or snapping beans as we talked or watched movies.

- living on a limited budget, staying out of debt and running their own business, which required lots of work, sacrifice and creativity on making money stretch.

- for making birthdays a special day for us.
- for showing us to serve in the church. To dedicate your all, give your all and do what you know is right.
- for teaching me to cook, clean, sew, and develop homemaking skills, which has made it so much easier becoming a wife and mother.
- encouraging me to pursue my art, and letting me develop my creativity. I would always ask her what I should draw or paint for art class, and she always responded “a Rhinoceros”. I would roll my eyes, get her point that she wasn’t going to come up with my idea for me, and move on. Someday she is going to get her Rhinoceros.
- teaching us how to serve, be grateful and help others.
- the importance of family vacations and time together.
- all the days, evenings and weekends that she held the house together on her own, and took care of us, because dad was working or serving in the church.  That was not an easy endeavor and I know she was exhausted, stressed and wishing she had her husband home more. 

She sacrificed lots and did EVERYTHING for us. I hope she knows that I recognize it and love her so much for it.  She was an amazing mom, and I am so blessed to have her as my mother.