Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The Weather Outside

Is confusing. One minute it was beautiful spring weather, the next day snow, by that afternoon it was beautiful again.  Where is my warm spring days?  About a month ago I had a little fun with the weather and created a new kit. You can find it here.


STI_TheWeather_Mini_MGKT_600STI_TheWeather_Mini_LO2_600_ACUSTI_TheWeather_Mini_LO_600_ACU The layouts were created by Armi Custodio. Doesn’t she do an awesome job. If you want to know what supplies were used. You can check them out here.  (You’ll find them listed under the View EXIF Properties.)


Wendee Pease said...

Love this! I hope you're well!

Christy said...

Just love this collection! It just shouts 'JOY!'! :)