Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Little Design

For the last could of months I’ve been working on some ScrapSimple Templates which were released today as part of April’s ScrapSimple Club. STI_Brush_ItsMe__MGKT_600 JHI_SSEmb_CurledEdgesPlus_2 STI_Brush_ItsMe STI_Promise_Coll_Tape STI_Promise_Paper_LightBlue_1 STI_Promise_Paper_Maroon STI_Renew_Embell1_leaf_green STI_Renew_Embell1_leaf_green copy STI_SSPaper_ArtistPapers1 TCS_LifesCanvas_Paper_Blue TCS_LifesCanvas_Paper_Blue copy STI_SSPaper_ArtistPapers1_MGKT_600 STI_SSPaper_ArtistPapers2_MGKT_600 It’s always so nice to finally get those huge projects done, so I can work on other projects like these. I have to admit it has been a while since I’ve had so much fun designing like I had while creating the easy page album. STI_AYO-Zoom-4x6_Dainty_MKTG_600 STI_EZPageAlbum_4x6_Dainty_MKTG_600 It feels good to finally be feeling great and getting back to normal day life. I hope all is going well in your little corner of the world too.

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