Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I need your help digital scrapbookers.

Honestly. That means I really want you to respond and post something under the comments. I need some ideas of digital scrapbooking techniques you wish you knew how to do or would like to learn. Things that you would consider advanced, or would have no idea how to create. You can describe it to me, or you can give me a link to a layout or technique you'd like to know how to create. You can look through my gallery or others. For those of you that attended convention and the classes, what do you wish I would get up there and teach you. For those of you that do respond - No I'm not going to post a tutorial on this blog on how to do it. You'll know why I'm asking the question shortly and it will probably be worth it to you to show me your idea. So what do want to learn how to do. Please help me out!!!! Pretty please!


Di said...

Hi Shalae! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I absolutely love your re-design..beautifully done. I've also signed up for that online class so thanks for advertising it on your blog. Hope you're well! :)

Robert and Heather in Hawaii said...

I would post something, but I still don't do digital scrap booking and don't know where to start or learn so that's my dilemma.

Shalae said...

Well Heather if you'd ever like to learn how we could definitely get you started! I actually think you would love it with your art background and photography. You just let me know when you really want to learn how and we'll help you get started. :)

My Perspective said...

I would love to learn about the "mirror image" layouts. Mine tend to get not so even. Also, how the mirror images can be used as a reflection (on water or floor). That kind of thing. Right now I'm working on something and I need to mirror image my photo, because the words are in reverse and backwards.

Hope this helps and many blessings to you :)

Christy said...

I would love to know more about realistic shadowing! I have been trying to learn more about making something, leaves for example, look like they are peeling away from the page. Also, changing the shadow of something where it overlaps something else...for example, where your words 'having fun' and 'colorful' overlap the paint brush, getting the shadowing right so they look like one end is lifted off the page. I have had some success by putting shadows on their own layer and playing, distorting, etc. but I know there is probably a better way to do it!!

Can't wait to see what you are working on! You always have some of the best techniques!