Saturday, June 21, 2008

Counting down...

only two more days till the official due date of the baby. I'm at the antsy stage of wondering when it's going to happen and busily trying to get everything I possibly can get done before then out of the way. At the same time I only want to rest, do nothing, and feel calm and rested before the day arrives.

Between trying to get everything done my kids decided to get sick on me. Isaac was sick with a fever of 104 for two days. All he wanted was mom to sit in the rocking chair and hold him. He was miserable. So it was a nice and stressful two days, because he rarely wants me to sit and hold him anymore, and I know with the new baby coming along, times like this would be far in between, so I took advantage of cuddling him again since he's no longer a baby. It was also stressful because I felt all these things heaping up that HAD to be done, and he was not letting me do them. We survived, only to have Savannah catch something next. She has spent the last two days laying around and throwing up. Needless to say I AM SO THANKFUL for carpet cleaners. We invested in one a year ago and it has been the BEST investment we have ever made. I've had to use it 4 times in the last 24 hours on the couch.

So needless to say I'm tired, and praying that I don't catch this flu bug. Labor is bad enough without the flu on top of it! :) Today I just needed to relax so we scrapped a bunch of 4x6 layouts. It was such a nice break, and the kids had fun helping me pick the colors and things to put on it. Here's one from last weekend at the reunion. Savannah was so upset about this layout. She has been learning how to sound out words and start reading. She kept telling me she didn't like his name. She wanted me to take it off and spell it with an F. Fillip.:) I explained to her about how putting the P and H sound together make the same sound as the F. She accepted the answer but it still bothers her, and she mentions it every time she sees this layout.

Supplies used on layout: ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: 4x6 - Alphabet, Happy Family Collection Biggie, Little Birdy Collection Mini, Ponder Collection, Commotion Collection, Scenic Route Collection Biggie, Dynamic Brush Set: Basic Stitches 4901, Lettering Delight Font: Aloha

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Laurel said...

What a cute layout! I need to get on these 4x6 ones... :)

I hope that things go well for you this week, and that everything is great with the new baby. Good luck! :)