Friday, April 18, 2008

Oh I forgot!

For those of you sitting and waiting from my last post as to whether on not Beau passed his defense for his masters... he did! Yeah!!!! The last week has been filled up with Final Projects, Finals, and readjusting the printed version of his thesis, but hopefully Tues is THE DAY. The final day, we can resume normal life. When life will slow down just a bit for us and we can take a break, breathe and relax!

For those wondering - he's getting his masters in Computer Engineering: Robotics. His thesis was Real Time Implementation of Vision Algorithms for Control, Stabilization, and Target Tracking, for a Hovering Micro Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. (You think the title was a mouthful, you should have gone through the editing! I kid him, but he's actually taught me enough and helped me try to understand it that I could actually follow the paper and his defense. I couldn't tell you what an algorithm is for the life of me let alone write one, but I know enough that I get excited about his projects.)

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Mindy said...

Yeah!! tell him congradulations! what an interesting degree!