Friday, April 18, 2008


Ok Mandy... here is your long overdue portrait. But I sort of cheated. I've been playing around with the Painter X demo for the last couple of weeks, and can I tell you how bad I'm dying for this program. To have access to all the art media, without it being strewn about my house by children and no messes to clean up! Combine all my loves of the computer digital world.... and my need to paint and draw again! Perfect combination. I will admit on this one though, that I was playing with the cloning tool, because I just wanted to be able to experiment with brushes, paper overlays and various other effects, but still ended up liking the end result, so I thought I would count it for now, or it might be months before you ever see one. :)

I really need to get Kal's bulletproof attitude, when it comes to using the computer for art, and realize that hey I don't have to do everything the traditional way, starting from scratch and drawing it all myself from the very beginning. (First off I just don't have time for that lately. It would take me months to complete one piece, and my creativity needs to be fed lately a little more often than that.) Who cares if I did use the clone tool on part of this. Who cares how it was made, it still has bits of me, I still pick and chose how I put things together, what I wanted to pull out etc. What is considered cheating it the art world today anyways? I would say that cheating is one way blatantly stealing someone else's art and claiming it as your own. As long as I'm not doing that (although I did use your photo for this Mandy.) then I'm not cheating right!:) So I still have this huge battle in my head... and just need some bulletproof attitude here. (When are you going to do an online class Kal?)


Mandy said...

OH wow! Cool. There I am. Thanks for doing this!

Di said...

That's so cool. You'll love Painter - I can tell you. I've been using Painter since v. 4 and I love it. Love it. Love it. The clone tool is excellent and it's not cheating... it's just another way of creating art. And perfect for doing unusual photo art/collages etc..