Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I definitely picked a winner!

Today my husband won my heart again. He's pretty good at that. We were planning on going out to dinner at a really nice place for our Valentines date last night. It was a frustrating day of trying to clean the house for inspections from managment, (which was supposed to be today -more to vent on this later)and not having much progress with three kids running around making a mess as soon as I cleaned it up. I was supposed to take Savannah to dance class and as soon as I got home my husband would meet me here and we would head right up to Salt Lake so we could make our reservation in time.

By the time dance class rolled around I was in a pretty depressed, frustrated mood. I wanted to have the house done before I left so that I wouldn't have to come home and do deep cleaning all night after our date. I went to find something to wear, and could not find me one decent shirt that was maternity, classy,wasn't a t-shirt or sporting bleach or food stains. Here we were going to a fancy resturant and I was going to have to walk in wearing a t-shirt. Put me in a foul mood for sure.

So we rushed off to dance class, leaving the mess behind with no other alternatives. We ran to a store fast and did what any sane mom does when she has only 15 minutes to shop for a classy shirt, with three kids in a cart. There's no way you can take them in the dressing room with you. They would be peeping toms and crawling under all the stalls to the other poor ladies or else opening the door exposing me to everyone. I couldn't leave them in the cart, someone would be sure to fall or wisked off by a stranger. So what do you do when you have no choice. You pick your top three choices, do your best on guessing sizes and pray that one of them will fit when you get home to try them on and then return the others to the store later. (Or keep them if they all fit and count yourself lucky that you now have a few more shirts to wear:))

We made it dance class late where she had a great time and then off we rushed to get home. I dropped the kids off at the neighbors and then rushed in change. praying that I had a shirt in that bag that would work.

I walked into the kitchen to find a Valentines banner hanging, and hearts all over the cupboard, and wondering how this got there so fast since my husband should be arriving any moment. Well there he was finishing sweeping. It was then that I realized that not only was there a nice banner hanging as I walked into the house, the house was spotless. The kitchen was immaculate, the front room all nice and clean. All I could get out of my mouth was "your going to make me cry" before I lost it to all the tears. He has no idea how much it meant. All the stress and frustrations of the day just quickly disappeared, I could enjoy my date with him with out the weight of going home to deep clean afterwards. It meant the world right then.

We were able to enjoy our evening out, enjoying good food, a gorgeous view and great company. Here's to another amazing Valentines day from my husband.

(I can take no credit for the blended pictures of us at dinner, I totally stole it from my friend Mandy when she posted their anniversary ones. Sorry I couldn't come up with my own creativity Mandy! :))
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Cher said...

Awwww! Any wife would appreciate that! Beau is awesome, I'm glad he makes you feel so good! Happy Valentines Day!

Laurel said...

Oh what a great post! Almost made me cry with ya! :) Sounds like you had an awesome time.