Monday, February 18, 2008

Our Own Tiny Art

This whole day was just a good day. In every way. I told the girls that we would paint this afternoon, which they are always excited about. So we cut up some small pieces of acrylic paper and let them go to town creating their own tiny art work. I was proud of Mirian. She is our abstract artist most of the time, but after helping her draw her own circle she put in the eyes, nose, mouth and hair all by herself. She declared that it was a picture of her with bangs. Savannah did great too. She's finally catching the vision of actually painting a subject rather than just push paint around on paper. They were so proud of themselves and couldn't wait to run into the computer room to show dad. We even had to hang our own little gallery on the wall too.

Supplies used for our new matching banner: SS Tools - Styles: Corkboard 5101, SS Paper Templates: Broken In, Fall Watercolors Collection.

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