Thursday, August 30, 2007

I LOVE Google!

When I was in elementary school I saw an ad in a magazine for a pen pal. I wrote them up seeing if they would be interested in writing to me. Well it ended up going to a boy who was not interested in writing a "girl" and so he passed it on to his sister. She was interested and so we started writing. Little did we know what it would turn into. 10 years later we were still writing each other and were really good friends. I looked forward to her letters all the time, and still to this day have a box with all of them stacked in it. (Maybe she would like to re-read what she wrote!:))

Well about that time, we were both off to college, doing our own things and the letter writing dwindled... so for the past 11 years later we haven't heard from each other. I remember seeing one letter from her in those 11 years where I had written her old home address to see if I could still find her. She was starting up lawschool at the time. That was it, no contact for 11 years.

6 months ago, I was thinking about her and thought I would Google her name. I found quite a few hits for her, but they were all dead ends, and didn't give me any indication to where she was or how I could contact her.

3 days ago, I tried again. This time I found a match at a University where she was teaching. I wrote asking if I had the right person. She wrote back saying "yes! yes!! it's me!" 11 years of not hearing from each other. So much can happen in 11 years - for me that would be one husband and 3 kids. For her it's college, law school, and teaching at a university. It has been fun to catch up on her life and hopefully we might be able to do a bit better now at keeping up with each other like we did for those 10 years when we were younger.

How I love the internet. I love being able to find people that I have lost contact with. I really love it when it all works out and I actually meet up with them again. Thank you Google!

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Lunt Family Blog said...

That is so awesome. I had pen pals for about 5 or 6 years growing up but they were boys, needless to say, we don't really keep in touch anymore, it ended when Chad and I got engaged. But that is really cool!