Friday, February 08, 2008


This afternoon Mandy and I had a great chat trying to determine where we wanted to go with YourActual as well as just goals and desires we had to do with our art. I love that girl! She inspires me all the way around! As a person, an artist, a mother and as a Christian. She is just one cool girl. It is amazing to me that I can connect with a person some much, whom I've only met in real life for no more than 8 hours. We live states away from each other and yet my life will never be the same from having met her.

During our conversation we came to the conclusion, that the purpose of why we did your actual was fulfilled. That purpose was mainly to make us accountable to someone else (namely each other) for doing some art once a week. We've felt like it has done that, but that right now in our lives it is just another thing to do. We feel the Lord pulling us in another direction right now, and so we've decided to stop continuing Your Actual. You can read our last post here.

Instead we are excited about what this frees us to do. (There's your word Mandy!) One being some personal art goals that we both have. We want to share those journeys with you here on our blogs. We are still accountable to each other but we are headed in a different direction which I'm very excited about. We talked about some goals that we both have, and directions we feel the Lord is taking us. I came up with a couple that I know I need to do and thought I could focus on more this next little while. Plus if I actually write them down here then I'm also accountable to all of you blog readers too. Right?!

1. Take more photos. I need to take more photos, one reason is for references when I do my art. Another purpose is to actually be a part in my art. I need to expand what I have available to me, and I would really like to develop this skill more for some future goals that I have. Also to not be afraid to ask people if I can take their pictures and to actually get some model releases, so that I can actually use them in my own artwork.

2. Draw people. I know I need to draw people. I'm drawn to people. And to be honest it SCARES ME TO DEATH! It's one of those things that I want to do more than anything, and yet it something that I have this huge fear of failing in and so I totally avoid it. I see all these incredible artists out there that are amazing at drawing people, and I feel so insecure about my ability to draw them. But that SHOULD NOT MATTER! I will not get any better by never doing it. I need to do it. So my goal is to start drawing people. Start drawing the parts of people, really learn how to draw them realistically, and portray it accurately. But most of all to be able to portray the emotions and feelings of people. (I'm a long way from that.) But I can start by learning to draw the eye better, then then nose, then the lips, then the face as a whole and move on from there. So there are my two goals. My tow things that I want to work on here in the next little bit. I hope to show you my progress as I go as well. To be accountable to you.

So keep asking me where the photos and drawings are.

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