Sunday, November 04, 2007

Expect Miracles

Some of you will recognize this bracelet. It's something that means a lot to me on so many different levels and for so many different reasons. I wear it almost every day. It reminds me of a very special moment that I had with some incredible people. People I look up to and admire so much. It reminds me of a God that has given me miracles many times. One being the opportunity to have know these incredible people. To me they are a miracle.

Today it had other meanings for me though. Today I was able to visit my family and give a name and blessing to the newest member of our family - my nephew. You might remember me writing about him here.

He arrived in our family a little over 7 weeks ago. Before he was born they found out a few more more problems that he might have, but the expected him to live even after birth for a while, until they saw how the heart would react. After that it was unknown what would happen. All went well with delivery, things seemed to be going well for him. They ended up finding out that he had even more problems with him than they originally thought. Problems with the brain, spine, spinal fluid, and still conditions with the heart. But the Lord showed us he still creates Miracles. He was released after 2 weeks in ICU and has been home with his family ever since. He is doing well. The future is still unknown, but today it was a realization of a miracle, a witness that God is still fully active in our lives.

The saying "expect miracles" is also giving me hope. Lately life has thrown me a huge curve ball. I have to deal with it somehow. I want to personally change in order to really be able to handle it. I know the Lord's hand was in all of it and because I know that, I know that I can expect miracles within myself. Miracles to change, to be better, and to know what to do. Miracles can happen personally inside of me.

Another one I'm hoping for is my brother. He is a great brother. He is a REALLY good guy. He has so much to offer in this world. But he struggles, and for some reason hasn't had a desire to serve a mission and share the gospel. He has struggled wanting to know what to do with his life. What direction to take it. I want more than anything for him to serve a mission, because I know how it will change him forever, what it will make him, and who he'll become. He only has a few more years that he is eligible to serve. I don't want him to miss that opportunity. Part of me, has sort of given up on that hope for him. Trying to be ok with whatever else he decides. But not today. After spending the day with him, and wanting that for him so badly, I looked down at my bracelet and realized I have not been expecting miracles concerning him. The Lord can create miracles, and he can create one in my brother. I hope he knows that. I hope he reads this. I hope he knows that I'm not letting go of that hope for him, and that I'm going to be praying hard for a miracle to happen in his life. It will happen. God can do anything.

So today I'm thankful for a little bracelet, and 2 little words to help me have more faith, to live where miracles happen, and to thank my Father in Heaven for those miracles when he blesses me with them. Go ahead "expect miracles" in your life too.

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