Tuesday, September 25, 2007


All summer long we have been sweating to death. In the last week the temperatures just keep dropping and dropping. There was snow on the tops of the mountains yesterday. It is definitely feeling like fall out there. I love it. Brisk cold air, the leaves turning. It gets me so excited for pumpkins and Halloween.

It also brings with it runny noses and colds, and we have all caught one. The kids are constantly dripping from the nose, while I'm suffering from severe allergies. At least I think that's what it is. I am super sensitive to any strong smelling products - lotions, soaps, cleaners, you name it. Something has triggered it here the last couple of days and I keep having small spouts of vertigo. Ugh. I hate it. The world starts spinning, you feel queasy, and you can't function at all. Every smell is super strong and just brings it on. I wish I could figure out a way to get it to go away. I've done really good the last 6 years without it bothering me. The last time was in college when I had oil painting classes and the turpentine began the whole sensitivity. I haven't been into turpentine lately and so I don't know how it's been triggered.

It's a busy week - errands, doctors appointments, temple trip, babysitting and projects. Lots of projects I would like to get done. Guess I just better get started.

Photo by: Kotz


Lunt Family Blog said...

That is an awesome picture, I would love to hang something like that on my wall! It's really cool. I hope you guys are doing well! Has Emily had her baby? How is she doing? How about Dinah? I haven't heard about them forever!

Syndee said...

Hope you feel better soon girl!