Thursday, July 05, 2007

Some Inspiration

This is it. My all time favorite magazine. I accidentally picked it up on the shelf one day and after flipping through it I had to have it. Then after a couple of months of buying it off the shelf I had to have a subscription. You can find the website here. But honestly.. the website does not give the magazine justice. The visual appeal of the website just isn't quite there, and yet everything it the magazine I can just eat up and not get enough of it. It is a magazine that just feeds my creativity and the artist in me. They always showcase an artist, and they are unique artists, unique in what they design and create. There are always things with home decor, scrapping, paper, shopping, travel, food, sewing.. just eclectic in everything. A creative eclectic! Maybe that is what appeals to me so much. If you haven't seen it yet, go pick it up at the latest magazine stand, and check it out. If your like me in tastes at all, you'll find yourself purchasing it so you can devour it.

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