Friday, August 24, 2012

Incas, Conquistadors and Pirates!

Recently we did a unit for homeschool on the conquistadors, Aztecs, Incas, Myans and pirates. We read this great book about the Lost City, learned about Pizarro and Cortez, made some Spanish doubloons and finished off with some gold Inca masks.

We used gold foil to create our Inca masks and our Spanish doubloons. We learned about symmetry while drawing our masks, and then texture as we pushed the foil in and out to create the textures of the facial features and designs.

We added a bit of color with some colored permanent markers and additional decorations such as feathers and beads.

And yes... that mess you see on the table is what you see at our house on a regular basis during school time.

 I just love the unique way they turned out, especially the shininess of the gold foil!  The kids loved this project and ended up playing with their masks quite a bit afterwards.


The Mrs. said...

Awesome! Where did you find the gold foil?

Shalae said...

I found it at Amazon. Just look up gold foil for crafting. You don't want it too think or it's a little hard for them to work with it. I'm going to be ordering a bunch for our coop group. If I have some left you'd be welcome to use it if you'd like.