Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The daily things

chicken1 Chicken3 Remember this wall hanging I was working on. I think I started it 2 years ago.  You read that right… years.  Well do you see where it’s hanging now?  My wall. It’s finally on my kitchen wall and it feels so good to have a completed project.  I’m one who tends to get distracted about the new project I would like to be working on instead. We’re trying to overcome that mentality.Chicken4 chicken5  This is a picture of the moment I won “mother of the year” with my son. One morning he had found a hanger and wanted dad to put it on his head for horns. Somehow my husband in his boy scout ingenuity was able to secure it to his head using another shirt and the boy was in heaven. Well every day since that day he has been asking, begging and getting frustrated with me when I could not do it.  We tried string, we tried elastic headbands, we tried the shirt, and it did not work.  It would never stay on his head more than a couple of minutes which led to frustration and melt downs.

Finally yesterday I had enough… we found an old headband and the duct tape and I told him we were going to fix this.  Explaining the whole time I was wrapping that you can make and fix anything with duct tape.  Tada…. horns.  The best part, during the whole process of it was when he just kept saying over and over again… “Thank you mommy,  Thank you mommy”  with that little smile on his face. 

He has become my polite one, (unless he wants you, and you are not coming to him immediately.)  He’s the one that makes me feel good at dinner declaring. “This is so yummy!”  or “This is so delicious!”  while the others whine that they don’t like it.  Chicken6Two weeks ago was a horrible week of watching too much TV, and all the horrible, tantrums, fighting and bad attitudes that come with it. (From not just the kids either.) By the end of the week I was ready to pitch that thing out the door to never return. After wise words from my husband, and some time pondering a solution myself (which is a whole different blog post later)  our TV just “some how” broke this last week (with the help of my husband) and wouldn’t work. Which didn’t make me the bad guy… and this last week was amazing. Although we didn’t quite know what to do with ourselves because we had gotten out of the habit, life was so much more peaceful and happier.  Mirian kept getting bored asking what to do… So what do you do when you get tired of hearing this over and over. You give her a book with 500 ideas of things to do and make, and she’ll sit there for the next 30-40 minutes looking at it and letting you live in peace. Chicken7 We’ve also had a few cookie making sessions. (Mirian took this picture and I just love the depth of field in it.)  Life has been good. We’re looking forward to going and spending the rest of the week with family enjoying this great time of year. I hope you are able to do the same!


Kellie DeMille said...

Oh I love the horns. Duct tape is amazing! What a good idea to break the TV. I think I may try that VERY soon!

Launa said...

That wall hanging is just adorable!! I LOVE Chickens!! Awesome job!

Anonymous said...
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