Friday, August 24, 2012

Down by the Sea

This was the last project we finished for our summer class.  It seemed only fitting that it be a beach summer theme. This was a two day project for us. The first day we painted the background sky and sand. Then painted and textured our blue papers for our water. The second day was spent collaging boats and putting together our sea.  This is a great lesson for talking about depth and space. How objects look smaller the farther they are away, and how the boat that is going to be the farthest in the distance is going to be tiny compared to the boat that's closest to you.  Some of them got this concept easier than others or they made the different sized boats but forgot placement when they started gluing. It was also works wonderful for talking about overlapping with the waves and ocean to make the boats look in the water and to create a feeling of depth.  Sorry about my slightly blurry photos. My camera hasn't been working all that great lately.

I found the idea for this project here at Fine Lines.

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