Tuesday, March 22, 2011

No TV: Day One

We are trying to get out of the winter blahs, and trying really hard to not turn on a movie during the day what so ever.... pretty tough some days when you resorted to it too often during the winter cold months.

So with cabin fever, only random beautiful days to be outside, and the desire to have my kids be creative and get away from the tv, we having been trying to come up with alternatives. So we thought we'd share a couple things we've done that has helped us make it through the whole day with NO Movies.

Printables.... I ran into these through some link to familyfun. They had a variety of fun craft printables to cut out and put together. I let the kids each pick one, and we spent the day building and playing with them. Caitlyn chose the farm.

I bet you can't pick which one of my children chose the swamp monster that took his turn scaring the tiny fairies and woodland creatures.

This set is a fun one, it has a tree and mushroom house that you can build and then it also has a whole bunch of mythical creatures to play with. Mirian had fun with this for hours. We also found out later that they work perfect for replacing any game pieces you don't have. Now we have elves and fairies journeying through candy land and up and down ladders.

This kept them entertained for the day, especially those times when they were in the habit of turning on the tv instead. It seems if we can make it past those key moments, they are good for the day. They were excited for me to post the pictures on the blog so that they could show other kids what they could do instead of watch TV. So now we have a NO TV mission to share with others... so stay tuned for other episodes.


Kellie DeMille said...

You are a brave woman! Good luck on your mission!

Cortney said...

Thanks for the links! I'll have to print some for my kids. We finally have a working printer again after being without one for 4 months. They look cute!

Christy said...

Off to check these out! I am always looking for new ways to keep the TV off. Some days are more successful than others! ;)

Caroline said...

These look adorable :)