Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to School


I have to admit I love this time of year. Not because my kid are going back to school, but because it just feels like change is in the air. It’s time to make some new goals, get back into a routine, and get things running a lot more smoother than they have for the summer. 

Savannah started school today and I think she’s excited to be back. Mirian is also going to be starting up Kindergarten and doesn’t get to go for another week. She just can’t understand why Savannah get’s to go to school already and she doesn’t. It just isn’t fair she says. I have to agree with her.  I have no idea why they do it this way.  I was reading a little notebook of mine today where I write down funny things the kids say, and I ran across this one from Mirian that she said a couple of years ago. It seems so fitting now. :)

“When I go to school, I’m going to High School Musical School.” 

And she would probably get along nicely there with all her singing and dancing lately. 

As part of my new goals, and trying to get back into a normal routine I have decided to finally tackle Photoshop Illustrator. I AM going to learn this program if it kills me. :)  Or at least I’m going to learn how to draw with that darn pen tool!!!  The little boy above is one of my first attempts today. So simple and yet it only took me 2 hours.. geesh.  To figure out how to get those curves going the right way, how to make corners, etc.  I have so many new ideas in my head. TONS…. of things I’d like to create, but can’t do them till I figure this program out.  So I may be boring you for a while with very BASIC simple illustrations, while I get this thing mastered.  (And that’s only 5 pages out of 300+ page book).  Hey it’s that time of year to begin learning right?!  I might as well join the crowd too.

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The Delgado's (all 9 of us) said...

Looks cute Shalae! How are you doing? Good luck learning your photoshop illustrator. I'm trying to figure out my new Silhouette machine. I'm way excited about it! But I'm just slowly figuring out all it can do. Love you lots!