Thursday, February 14, 2008

Loving These Tiny Pieces of Art

I have fallen in love with these tiny pieces of art and Kal Barteski's whole reason for doing them these last couple of days. They are fast, they are done on any found object she picks up, and she's doing it in those few creative moments you have when your a mother. She was nice enough to let me post some of them here, but you really have to go check them out at her tiny art site.
I just love the quick illustration feel they have, her use of colors, writing, lines... ok basically her whole style! She has 12 done as of right now but seems to be uploading one or two more a day. She's selling the origionals for $100 or you can get a reproduction for $30. I love this little duck... maybe it's just because I love yellow, but he's just got so much personality too. So thanks Kal for inspiring me lately.

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Mandy said...

I've been eyeing these too. Aren't they amazing?