Tuesday, September 22, 2009



Yesterday morning as I was walking on the treadmill I looked up on my board and saw this little card that I had found on the floor one day at a church we were visiting.


“At sometime or other, we have to make a choice whether to deny, modify or defend the truth--- What choice will you make?”

It hit me at the time I read it and it still hits me every time I pick it up and read it again. It was on my mind all day and even more so when a friend of mine was expressing a dilemma of someone getting mad at her for expressing her view point.

We make this choice every day whether we realize it or not. When it comes down to making a decision or acting on something we know to be true, we subconsciously choose one of those three things. We either completely reject it, choosing to not having anything to do with it, or we start to make excuses of why we are the exception to the rule and why it doesn’t apply to us. We then start bending or twisting things to make it fit into our personal standard of what is acceptable. Finally we can accept the truth whole heartedly, act on it, believe it and defend it at all costs.

The interesting fact is that it’s truth.  It never changes. Yet we try to change it.  We try to reject it saying it’s not what it is. Sometimes we try and change it to fit our standards. But in reality we can not change it. Ever. It is truth. 


The last few weeks I’ve had a few opportunities that have made me think really hard about those truths that I feel really strongly about. In one instance I got to express my feelings about a truth I felt strongly about.  I was given the chance to just brush over it and say well it’s probably ok in this circumstance, or just because it’s my opinion doesn’t mean it’s everyones. But the more I thought on it, the more I realized that no, there is an eternal truth here and I need to say something. Now did it change the circumstance at all. No. But it changed me.  It made it that much easier down the road when another circumstance comes up to be able to stand up and say hey….. this is not right.  And hopefully after a few more of these experiences it gets easier and easier. 

It has also made me think about my own personal life, wondering what truths out there am I trying to personally modify or trying to fit into “what I want".  When do I have the attitude of ‘it’s not really hurting anything’ or ‘it’s not that bad there is so much worse out there'? It’s also made me wonder what truths am I completely ignoring because I either don’t want to hear it or because it’s too scary to act on it.  

What about you? Which choices are you making?

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