Tuesday, September 22, 2009

20 Years From Now

I want to remember moments like this.  When all is said and gone, the kids, the years, and the time I had being home with them. This is what I want to remember.  Pony1 Little faces like this.  Dressed up as unicorns, eating cereal for lunch and messy with paint. 

We decided on cereal for lunch since I wasn’t up for battles of what people did and did not like while I was already fighting horrible allergies and a migraine.  We actually had cereal in the house, and so cereal it was!  We were eating and Mirian asked me to tell them a story of when I was little.  They ask me to do this often, and so I proceeded to tell my story. I looked over her as I was explaining what my sisters and I were doing and she just had her eyes riveted on me, with her spoon in hand and with her little unicorn costume, that I just stopped and chuckled. She looked so cute, so innocent, and so intent on me.  I had to take a picture. I had to remember that little moment that will be the moments I will miss when they are all gone.

pony5 Of course once the camera was out Isaac insisted on getting his picture taken too while he ate his Cheerios. So we snapped away. I loved this. His mouth is full of cheerios and he was making some exclamation at my story as well.  These are the reasons I’m a mother.


Kellie DeMille said...

Sometimes when you're in the middle of being a mother you forget that this won't last forever. Thanks for reminding me to appreciate it!

Mandy said...