Monday, April 13, 2009

Fast Trip

Beau's family asked us to come for Easter weekend to spend time with all of his brother's and sisters in law. We couldn't make it the whole weekend, so we missed seeing half of the family. (Bummer... I was looking forward to hanging out with some sisters in law, and our niece.)

Beau snapped this picture in the rear view mirror, while I was asleep and he was driving. Of course he declared to me how safe he was while doing it when I awoke.

This little girl is getting too big too fast. She is just so much fun right now. She can stand up by herself for brief moments and has to be into everything. I can not keep her out of dirt. She eats fistfuls at a time, and keeps going back for more.

A few random shots of us. I love Isaac's face! Why can't we all have that much happiness, excitement, joy and love for life all the time. We should. We have no reason not to.

They are always excited to see the dogs. That was until 2 seconds after this picture was taken when Isaac laid on top of Beggin, causing him to let out a loud bark jumping up and scaring the living day lights out of him and Caitlyn.

I have to admit, I'm not sure I would like to go back and live in Star Valley. But sometimes I go back where things are much slower, quieter and see all the space and wish I had a little bit more of that for my kids. There was no better place to grow up. I need that space, quiet, slowness and nature which I'm realizing more and more. Hopefully here in a year when Beau graduates we can be lucky enough to find something similar.

There's something about boys and their bikes, trucks and big machines. Beau can't wait to go back home so he can get behind one of these bad boys and push around some massive dirt, snow or whatever is in the way. (I love that about you honey!) Savannah had to join in the fun too.

I did tell Beau on the way home that maybe we should go home more often. It makes me fall in love with him all over again, and harder every time. He is a very smart, book, computer type of guy which is what I get to see here all the time with his handyman skills coming out here and there. But I love going back and seeing him in a whole different element. Out working, using farm equipment, riding motor bikes and interacting with his family. It makes me realized what a hard worker, talented, smart, amazing guy I ended up marrying. Really how did I get so lucky.


Laurel said...

Some of your pictures didn't show up for me, Shalae -- but the ones that did are adorable! Looks like you had a great time. :)

Kellie DeMille said...

Yeah only a few pics showed up. Sounds like Easter was great!

llaxton said...

I see them! They are so cute! I looks like an awesome time.